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We have a product catalogue over 5,000 items from all major manufacturers such as Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, GE, etc.
Worldwide supplier network: We procure the products you need and deliver them to desired locations worldwide.
Procurement from a single source: Reduce your process costs and save time
Procurement and logistics know-how: Send us your inquiry. We will research our worldwide supply network for suitable and available items and procure them for you.
WandSe Solutions India Pvt Ltd


WANDSE SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT LTD has implemented a quality management system pursuant with Global standards.
Spare parts ordering made easy With a large inventory of items from a wide variety of brands and qualified technical support that can identify, source and deliver the right part with the shortest possible lead time. If you’re looking for fast, quality replacement and service on parts for your wind turbines, we’ll deliver. Our components and spare Parts live up to the highest quality standard



Save up to around 90% of the CO2 emissions


Life by 10-20 years


can save around 8-15%

Acquiring Used Wind Turbines in India

A broad selection of pre-owned wind turbines from leading manufacturers like Suzlon, Vestas, Gamesa, NEG Micon, and Enercon are available for purchase in India.

These turbines come from various models and years of operation and were previously sited across the country.
Turbine availability stems from operators needing to decommission units for reasons such as expired land leases, planning terms ending, component failures, or financial limitations.
Units are sold directly to other operators or to refurbishment/remanufacturing companies capable of restoration.
With the large volume of used turbines in India, buyers can access machines from renowned OEMs at a fraction of new prices.
This presents opportunities to cost-effectively expand wind power portfolios.
But careful inspection and evaluation is crucial to determine unit viability and required reconditioning.
Our expertise helps buyers navigate the used wind turbine market in India. We assist with procurement, inspection, logistics, restoration, and recommissioning to maximize the value of pre-owned assets
  • specializes in Wind Energy Services and has extensive experience in all aspects of it.
  • We are firmly committed to Major and minor Component Replacement, with a focus on the main principles of Blade, Generator, Gearbox, and Other major components De/Re erection by Manual Crane method and with Crane Method activities.
  • We have a powerful, highly skilled workforce equipped with all kinds of WTG customized Tools for service needs in Pan India and The Whole World.


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  • India Private Limited, established in 2017, is a prominent developer in the renewable energy sector.
  • We specialize in offering endto-end solutions for wind and solar energy.
  • As one of the fastest-growing service providers in this industry, we are committed to providing reliable and superior services that can improve the productivity of our clients’ investments in renewable energy.
  • Our services are designed to be profitable for our client’s businesses.


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G-Wind Services Pvt Ltd specializes in operating and maintaining multi-brand wind turbines within the renewable energy sector. As a leader in wind farm O&M, we offer comprehensive turbine inspections to proactively identify issues and ensure optimal performance. Our experienced teams provide mechanical servicing for major components across all turbine models, hydraulic system maintenance to minimize downtime, and proactive maintenance to maximize turbine availability. With our skilled wind energy engineers rigorously trained in global standards, we enable crews to safely service turbines in extreme conditions. By equipping teams with world-class expertise, G-Wind delivers exceptional service you can trust to optimize wind assets, maximizing turbine availability and performance through our commitment to safety and best practices

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